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Marie the Bee Resident Evil 5 Party Pics
Fri, Mar 13, 2009 6:30pm EDT
By Marie the Bee

Last night, Capcom and GameStop celebrated the midnight release of Resident Evil 5 with a Resi-themed party tent in the middle of San Francisco's Union Square. Fans were invited to mix and mingle with Resi 5's producers, developers and motion capture/voiceover actors; and generally have a good time getting hopped up on free energy drinks, entering screaming contests and killing some zombies. Behind the cut, a selection of pics from the event for your viewing pleasure! (Very image heavy!)

Security guards swept metal detectors over every entrant. Many a person expressed displeasure with having glowing wands in such close proximity to their bodies, while others seemed to enjoy it. Which one were you?

These same security guards were more than happy to provide you with delicious candies once you were inside. Perhaps they misunderstood the free candy/feeling you up order of operations.

Resi 5 production/development team -- including franchise veterans Jun Takeuchi and Masachika Kawata, and composer Kota Suzuki -- were on hand to sign autographs and answer questions. Kawata also shared the trailer for "Resident Evil: The Dark Side Chronicles."

Actors TJ Storm, Karen Dyer and Reuben Langdon joined cinematics director Jim Sonzero on stage. I wonder what TJ (second from left) was thinking about. I hope it was something nice, like ice cream or a shiny new belt buckle.

Half the tent was dedicated to gaming kiosks.

Despite Resi 5's much lauded co-op gameplay...

...most people played alone.

One of the night's most popular attractions was the scream contest!

Fans lined up for a chance to scream into a microphone while a room full of people watched. Those with the loudest screams won Chris Redfield jerseys. Those with the most emotive facial expressions won our applause.

All told, it was a pretty good party. See you at the next one?

omg, i am dying, this looks like it was SO MUCH FUN! a scream contest? i coulda kicked ass.

and hel-lo, candyman! you can wave a glowing wand over me ANYTIME! ;)
Marie the Bee
@Janice Wanna know a secret? I don't think those security guards were for reals.... I think they might have been *paid actors*.
@mariethebee shut. up. no wonder they are all so foxy!

i bet tj was thinking about hair accessories!!!!!
So when are we playing co-op?!
Marie the Bee
@janice you know, I also thought he might be thinking about his hair. something along the lines of "does my hair look good? do I still look like a BAMF? hell yeah, I do."
Marie the Bee
@zakj When you buy the game?
@mariethebee he's thinking, "i wonder if walgreens has any hair extensions... thank god they are open 24 hours, for my hair care needs!"
Marie the Bee
@janice 1) Clearly that is exactly what that man is thinking. 2) just now I accidentally typed "mane" instead of man 3) did you see chris' response to you about changing your avatar?
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