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Marie the Bee 'Peggle' (XBLA) Haiku Review
Fri, Mar 13, 2009 12:40pm EDT
By Marie the Bee

Best speedball ever.

Fireworks, hallucinations,

a talking beaver?

[Peggle on XBLA]
All beavers should shout "RADICAL!" It should be in the Beaver Code of Conduct.

Also, Peggle is awesome, and highly addictive.

Lastly, I like the picture/line style haiku review!
Marie the Bee
yay! glad you liked the layout. I am trying to find some fancy borders to slap on to make it all AZN.

did you get it for XBLA? we should play!
Great Review Marie
Just One Complaint Does Exist
Not Enough Beaver
Marie the Bee

Hey! Beaver, beaver!
Scott really likes his beaver!
It's a play on words!
radical indeed!!!! :)

that game looks right down my alley, too! is that a unicorn i spy???
and how do i get to choose my own icon? i mean, what is GOING ON in that picture!?! :O
Marie the Bee

It IS a unicorn. You will like this game! There's a bunny magician! And an Egyptian cat!

The icons... was there not an option to upload an image when you created your account? I can ask Chris about it!
@janice You can click "Edit Profile" at the top of the page to change your avatar. :D
Just one question here...
Should I bother buying this?
Beavers aren't THAT great
Marie the Bee
@ ShefSteve

I recommend it!
Peggle's addictive like crack,
For seriously.
@ Marie

I gave a quick look
It's Pachinko with rainbows
Haiku are like crack
Marie the Bee

Didn't like Peggle?!?
It's Pachinko, but BETTER.
But haiku *are* best...

Gonna buy it now
Will become Peggle Master
Or die tryin'. Word
Marie the Bee

Let's be Xbox friends!
Then we can play some Peggle!
I will own your face!
Peggle ruined my life for 3-4 hours.
Marie the Bee
@akrid Ruined? or MADE AWESOME?
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