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RevolvingDork Rhythmic action
Thu, Oct 28, 2004 5:14pm EDT
By RevolvingDork
I bought Lara a copy of Donkey Konga two weeks ago, along with the requisite extra bongo controller to facilitate MULTIPLAYER MADNESS™. The play is exactly what you'd expect from such a title -- a solid, respectable rhythm game. There aren't many bells or whistles to speak of, but it certainly accomplishes what it set out to do. The drum controller works very well, particularly the built-in microphone designed to pick up handclaps. There's even a thoughtful little indentation on the bottom of each drum that can be used to snap the wire's socket into place when it's not in use -- that kind of stuff makes my day.

Meanwhile, Lara is on the road to becoming a Konga fiend.

Hypercombofinish Comic #9 by Chris Maguire

I've uploaded the demo of a brand new song called Professional Princess Savior. I played it at my first non-school show two weeks ago, and it seemed to go over pretty well.
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