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RevolvingDork Only the good die young
Fri, Sep 03, 2004 4:00am EDT
By RevolvingDork
Sorry for the gap in updates. I'm trying my best to keep this kind of neglect to a minimum.

I'm working on making some nice "NEXT / PREVIOUS" buttons for these posts, in an ongoing effort to look more like a *real* webcomic. Look for those on the next update.

In other news, I think all the typing I've been doing recently is getting to me.

Hypercombofinish Comic #8 by Chris Maguire

Another aside: Doom 3's multiplayer is surprisingly fun. We've been playing it during breaks at work, and it's *actually* pretty great. I just discovered the single best addition to FPS deathmatching -- weapon stealing. If you punch someone who's carrying a weapon, you steal it out of their hands. As a handicap, I've been playing with the self-imposed rule that I can only use weapons I have stolen. It's a damn good time.
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