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RevolvingDork On Franchise Reboots
Fri, Apr 10, 2009 3:40am EDT
By RevolvingDork
As far as long-running series go, Advance Wars ranks among the best. Truly, there are few things in life that match the joy of controlling a group of pre-teens that have the authority to order legions of men to grisly doom.

Unfortunately, the most recent AW game utilizes what developers refer to as "a darker storyline".

Hypercombofinish Comic #44 by Chris Maguire

Proclamation: I defy anyone to name a song that has worse lyrics than Papa Roach's Last Resort. You can't do it because it doesn't exist.
Josh Korwin

Same thing happened with "Excitebike IV: The Cambodia Diaries."

So... many... bodies....
Marie the Bee
That song is terrible in every way. I actually don't know any of its lyrics besides these, as I have always immediately changed the channel/station upon hearing these words.
@Marie, I used to think it had a good guitar riff - but it turns out they stole that riff from Iron Maiden. So, nothing good about it.

Fingers crossed for a return to happy days for the next Advance Wars!
Marie the Bee
@Fraser hmmm... I almost tempted to listen to the song just to hear this stolen riff.
Marie the Bee
D'oh + "AM"
What the hell? Why aren't there more commenters? This is the best webcomic I've read in years.
That would be from Iron Maiden's instrumental, _Genghis Khan_, on the _Killers_ album. One of the greatest metal albums of all time.

The riff is almost identical, apart from a slight tempo change. The other thing is that while it's the best thing in that awful Papa Roach song, it was only one minor part of a fantastic Iron Maiden song, that is itself merely a lesser track on an incredible album. Kinda funny.
even Bodies form is it Drowning Pool? let the bodies hit the floor

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