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Marie the Bee Bit.Trip Beat (WiiWare) Haiku Review
Wed, Mar 18, 2009 7:40pm EDT
By Marie the Bee

Techno music Pong
Entrancing rhythmic gameplay
Like a siren song.

Movements too subtle!
Flickers, blips and pulsing lights
Blur and strain my eyes.

Yet, I cannot stop
Get some eye drops. Start over.
So worth the six bucks.
Your review reminds
me of Space Giraffe. It's on
Xbox LIVE Arcade.
Marie the Bee
Space Giraffe, you say?
The colors are similar...
But this game is fun.
Rhythm games are best
Entrancing music is great
Can afford six bucks
Marie the Bee

Music is good, but
Haiku comments FTW!
Sonnet comments next?
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