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Marie the Bee Scenes from WonderCon 09
Wed, Mar 04, 2009 12:37pm EST
By Marie the Bee
Last weekend WonderCon rolled into San Francisco, allowing me to attend my very first major convention outside the Star Trek variety. Somehow I expected a great deal more cosplay and wackiness and far fewer obese men wearing corsets. Oh, I have so much to learn!

At any rate, here, for your viewing pleasure, are several scenes from WonderCon 09. Unfortunately, no, I didn't make the Watchmen panel. They put it up against Capcom Street Fighter IV where they were giving away free Ryu headbands. I'm sure you would have made the same decision.

FYI: This is image heavy.

A romantic moment at the Capcom panel. Attendees were invited to challenge Capcom staff in an SFIV throwdown.

Burnout Paradise Party
One of the most popular attractions on the expo floor was EA's Burnout Paradise Party.

Don't you judge their love.
An unlikely pairing, but don't judge their love. Overturn Prop 8!

Fire Emblem
Nintendo went all out on the Fire Emblem booth. Everyone kept saying the ShamWow guy was there, but, No, not every white guy with a headset mic is Vince Offer. You guys are racist.

A surprisingly popular booth. Are geeks really so desperate for samurai swords? The answer is Yes.

Mark Hamill talks to baby
Mark Hamill was there. As I snapped this picture the man next to me said "Damn he looks rough." Well, shut up, dude. That man is a national treasure and he can eat a baby if he wants to.

My favorite game developer booth and not only because I had a hand in its creation. Telltale just makes a handsome booth and some fun little games.

Ninjas Always Win
I'm not sure what they were promoting or selling, but they had a man on hand to angrily paint your face.

Pac-Man Heads!
Just some nice people I met with pac-man on their heads.

yip yip yip yip yip yip
And finally, my favorite cosplay of all time. They absolutely made the event for me. That is, until the orange yip yip took off his costume, destroying the illusion and all my childlike wonder. Thanks for killing the little girl inside me, asshole.

David E
I am looking goony as usual.
Marie the Bee
@David E You don't look goony! You look all hot and shit. I bet all the ladies were like "Who's the dude in the knit cap? He's too awesome for me to even talk to."
David E
You managed to capture the moment after people had kind of cleared out of our space, and also after our demo reel crashed. It looks big and empty, but yes, nice.
Marie the Bee
@David E It was also Friday when I took that picture. I wouldn't have been able to get near your booth on Sat. or Sun.
Josh Korwin
You had a hand in creating Telltale? Or their booth? Either way, I love their stuff—good work!
Marie the Bee
@Josh Korwin -- Just the booth! And I agree with you, the totally rock!
Marie the Bee
D'oh! ***THEY
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