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RevolvingDork Upgrades GET!
Mon, Mar 02, 2009 5:05pm EST
By RevolvingDork

Hypercombofinish is back online and better than ever before.

From this point forward we're going to focus on publishing original content with remarkable consistency. This content will include unique game reviews, comics, and interviews with industry insiders.

"But Chris", you might ask, "why are you using the word 'we'? Isn't this site run by you alone? Were you, like, promoted to be the queen or something?"

No, hypothetical faithful reader, I am not the queen.

Supergamer Marie the Bee ( Marie Kare ) has joined the team, and will be contributing some fantastic writing. Her first post will be up right after this one; it is the beginning of a series of game reviews presented in haiku form.

Additionally, we now have a Twitter feed for you to follow ( www.twitter.com/hypercombo ). We've been updating it frequently with game trivia and lesser-known factoids you can use to impress your nerdy friends.

There is also a new comment system for you to use to communicate back with us and other readers on every blog post. Let's get the flame wars rolling!
Frist psot!

Design is great. I want pictures in the XML feed instead of [img foo] though!
I smell something here.... you smell it? I smell AWESOMENESS!!!

great work, keep on pushing it, and let me know what I can do to help you spread the word. It is in my destiny to see you make a video game of some kind in your lifetime.
@zakj: good call, I've made the images come out as full IMG tags. Is that better? Or is there a more special RSS way to do it?

@erictherobot: Thanks so much man, I'm keeping the dream alive!
Looks perfect, thanks!
emily august
Hooray! Bring it on.
What do you mean you are not queen?

Oh, you mean you are not The Queen, your royal highness. Wasn't that a line of out the original Star Wars?
Hopefully my avatar will be a zergling.

@tabo you can also change your avatar to be whatever you want using the "edit profile" like at the top of the page.

Mega Man is a pretty good one to be assigned, however ;D

Hey, what about a profile option for us PS3 owners?

/me goes back to SF4 training...
@tabo Wow, you own a PS3? I'll see what I can do!
Yeah, sony got me at little big planet ;) Also, mgs4, great games, free online gaming, ps3mediaserver and the blu ray are hard to beat. Also, with an xbox around here, I'd be on my own if I got a RROD :(

TL;DR: little big planet = o/
@tabo you've got the hookup, my friend, now there's a PSN slot on profiles. I couldn't find any sort of cool web integration for it, but if you know one you can let me know :D
Now you're playing with power! Nice job on the redesign, buddy.
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