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RevolvingDork You have lost the lead
Sat, Feb 05, 2005 4:14pm EST
By RevolvingDork
Okay, so Resident Evil 4 has pissed me off pretty badly.

First, the game is phenomenal. Action-packed, gorgeous, and all in all a blast to play. Then, I get to chapter 3-4, and I have to play as Ashley, the president's daughter.
She can't do anything but walk around and crawl under things.

I cut the game some slack, since it's done nothing but please until now. The slack runs out, however, when I am faced with the game's next surprise.

It's a slide puzzle. There is an image broken up into 8 square tiles, and you have to slide the tiles around until the image is properly arranged.

It was completely maddening. I have been at a standstill in the game for two whole weeks , thanks to the damn slide puzzle. Thankfully, Andy helped me out and finished it yesterday, but the anger still remains.

In other news, Quake 3 is still fun.

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