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RevolvingDork I do say!
Mon, Aug 09, 2004 4:00am EDT
By RevolvingDork
Okay, so the twice-a-week comic thing didn't work out last week. I assure you, that is only because of Doom 3. At this point I'm a good distance into the Delta Labs, so I should reach the end today or tomorrow.

I was originally planning on writing a review of the game, but I've decided not to. Everything there is to say about it has already been said, and anything I write about it would just be a waste of precious, precious time. In a nutshell, it's completely beautiful, wickedly atmospheric, and surprisingly well-acted, but it plays like any given run-of-the-mill shooter of the last decade. This is okay though, since Doom has always been about blasting the forces of Hell -- nothing more, nothing less.

I also got to spend some quality time with the girl this weekend.

Hypercombofinish Comic #6 by Chris Maguire

I'm still working on the BIG revision, so hold just a little bit longer.
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