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RevolvingDork The greatest job in the world
Mon, Jun 23, 2003 5:14pm EDT
By RevolvingDork
The cereal ran out yesterday, so I was forced to look
for an alternate source of The Most Important Meal of
the Day™.

Hunger can cause you to behave illogically. The first
place I looked for breakfast was the freezer, and, like
most freezers, ours is a wasteland of ancient bread and
petrified peas.

Fortunately, the gods of shopping trips past were smiling
good fortune upon me -- I found a package of Aunt Jemima
frozen waffles hiding behind a bag of tortellini. While
searching the box for an expiration date, my eyes couldn't
help but be drawn to a big medallion printed on the upper-right
corner of the package:

Apparently, an organization called the "American
Tasting Institute" had awarded Aunt Jemima with the
prestigious TASTE AWARD back in the frozen-food golden
age of 2001. What an honor!

After some quick online research, I was able to verify
that the American Tasting Institute DOES, in fact, exist.
If you need to see it with your own eyes, you can find
them at www.qii.org.

Apparently, the ATI is composed of a bunch of people who
like to sit around in front of networked computers and
have gigantic TASTE-OFFs, where they eat all day and choose
which brand of frozen waffle is truly a king among waffles.

These people get paid to have catered LAN parties.

I want in.

As for updates: I just posted a Dark Tower-inspired drawing.
I've been making steady progress on The Next Big Thing,
as well, so look for that in the upcoming days...
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