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'Peggle' (XBLA) Haiku Review
Fri, Mar 13, 2009 12:40pm EDT
Marie the Bee

Hey! Beaver, beaver!
Scott really likes his beaver!
It's a play on words!
Great Review Marie
Just One Complaint Does Exist
Not Enough Beaver
Marie the Bee
yay! glad you liked the layout. I am trying to find some fancy borders to slap on to make it all AZN.

did you get it for XBLA? we should play!
All beavers should shout "RADICAL!" It should be in the Beaver Code of Conduct.

Also, Peggle is awesome, and highly addictive.

Lastly, I like the picture/line style haiku review!
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Historical Fiction
Wed, Mar 11, 2009 4:07am EDT
Although technically they weren't Isrealites until they inhabited the land of Israel, which of course took place after they left Egypt.
farce mcdoogin
lol @ tendo playbox
This better become regular! As regular as a bowl movement that is.
I would suggest more fiber - bwaaaahahaa
@Josh Korwin Good eye, I wasn't sure anyone would pick up on that ;D

@jessebeller , I am aiming to be super regular.
the funny thing too is that could totally be a legit game premise for one of those NES/SNES era games.
Mr. Mr.
Please God... Make this game come true! PLEASE!!!
...I so wish this was real.
It was as awesome as you teased, man.

I can't wait to see the campaign DLC where you get to play from the perspectives of Aaron and Eva Braun.

are you gonna do this on the regular again, or you just teasin us?
love it!
Josh Korwin
Hahaha. I dig the front cover locust reference.

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How to Be Me: Leigh Alexander, Video Game Journalist
Tue, Mar 10, 2009 2:02pm EDT
Nice interview. I totally got a question in there, Woo! I guess now I need to personally educate the masses as to what QA actually does so that people will see how important and undervalued we are.
Marie the Bee
@Janice Thanks, BB! Leigh was so sweet and patient with my Simpsons-related tangents (not shown). :p

Thanks for getting me that screenshot! You rock.
yay!!! awesome interview! well done, bee!!! :)
Leigh gets asked these questions so often I'm sure she's starting to develop copy-paste answers. ;)

Seriously, though, I love her (your? Will she read this?) complete lack of elitism and obvious inclination to democracy within the culture of games writing. If you're good and honest and persistent, you should be able to go somewhere. Strong, worthwhile advice.

Thank you, very much indeed.
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